Spring Open Gym | Warren Youth Basketball Association


WHERE: Warren Middle School                                                           

WHEN:  Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4/9-6/6, 730-9PM (Excluding 4/16 & 4/18)

WHO:  Boys & Girls who participated in the travel program in 2018-19 - Limited to 15 Players


COACHES: Mike Mancino 

Mike was formerly the Head Boy’s Basketball Coach at David Brearley and Caldwell High School for over 20 years as well as the Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Bloomfield College (NCAA-DII) for 4 years.  

Typical Nightly Practice Plan


7:30-7:35   A 3-5 minute basketball warm-up

7:35-7:45  Dynamic Warm-up/Athlete Training

7:45-8:00   Ball-handling both w & w/o partners and w & w/o a shot

8:00-8:10   FC Layups, FC Passing Layups, 3x2/2x1 Drills &/or 11 man fast break

8:10-8:20  Shooting Drills to competitive shooting games

8:20-8:30  Basketball 101-Short Period of teaching/drilling basketball concepts

8:30-9:00  Games (1x1, 2x2…all the way to 5x5 depending on numbers each night)

The idea is to allow our players to continue to work on their game in an organized fashion during the off-season.   Attendance is NOT mandatory but we should expect the players who register to attend at least half of the sessions.    Also, these will be high intensity training sessions.  We will drill at a high intensity level for 45-60 minutes and allow for games the balance of the session.   The practice plans will be flexible to meet the needs of those who attend each night.